Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Why Do You Charge So Much More Than My Insurance Company Pays?"

Every few years I feel compelled to answer this question even though I do not participate with any insurance company.*

56 YEARS ago, 1961 to be exact, dental insurance was first offered by some companies as a benefit for their employees. The limit back then was $1,000 but one thousand dollars would pay for 8 1/3 crowns or in other words, this was an enormous sum of money.

Fast forward to 2017 and the vast majority of dental insurance STILL  has a limit of $1,000 or $1,500. Put in perspective, that is like saying that if you were working at your job 56 years ago, your employer is still paying you the SAME salary which is worth only 12% of what it once was.

Your employer doesn't care about your teeth.
Your insurance company also doesn't care about your teeth.

So either YOU care about your teeth or you may not be able to keep all your teeth all of your life.

Last week (actually all on one day)  I saw 9 of my long term patients, all with me for 30 or more years. What was common in all of these patients?

1. They had virtually every tooth that they started with me.
2. They had very few crowns on their teeth.
3. As a group, they only had ONE dental implant.

You and I care about your teeth...and it shows.

* I do submit insurance claims for patients and bill patients for what their insurance companies don't pay.