Monday, April 18, 2016

Final Calls

In the last two months I have received  two calls from family members  informing me that one of my long-time patients (30+years) had passed away. The first call was from the wife (also a patient) telling me that she didn't want me to see her husband's death notice in the  paper and be surprised. Today I received the  second call was from one of  Beverly's  children  telling me that she had passed away last week. The caller said that," her Mother liked Dr. Benjamin a great deal "
and that she had wanted me to know about her Mother.

In both cases I was truly touched by the families calling me  personally with their sad news. When you lose a patient that you cared for more than 3 decades, it is like losing a friend or a family member. And that is the kind of relationship that I have always had with my patients.

In has never been about the money but how you take care of your patients.

I am truly saddened at the news of my two patients passing...May they Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Will Never Win a Popularity Contest

I have been on one or more dental internet forums for at least 15 years. I have always been a strong proponent of practicing excellence while many others talk about how to increase business or make more money... Neither of which really interests me...

I  am a clinician first and foremost. My goal is to take care of my patients in the best possible way.

This past weekend, I got into an argument with many on a forum when I said, "If you want to avoid being taken over by Corporate Dental Practices, you need to start taking lots of courses so that you can learn as much as possible to separate yourself from the rest of average dentists.

Whoa....the verbiage became intense with much of the barbs aimed at me.
 "How dare you talk about excellence when there are so few patients who truly want excellence." You and I know that that statement is absolutely untrue since my practice is ONLY comprised of people that want and demand dental excellence.

Then another long-time forum member said the following:

"I’d give my left testicle  to have the skills that man has with composite.  I can’t even get the cap off the tube,  and they look like they were contoured with a bard parker.  The man may talk the talk, but he sure does walk the walk."

I was totally amazed an honored by the dentists statement especially since I do not know him.

I guess that his statement validates your decision to be my patient.

Thank you!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016


Why would someone travel from Manhattan, Princeton, NJ or Atlanta, Georgia to have their dental treatment?

Two words? TRUST and VALUE

Why would I travel to Manhattan to have three consults, three surgeries and 7 total follow-up appointments?

Trust and Value.

People that are not our patients will tell you (and their friends) that Dr. Benjamin is very expensive.
My response is that you get what you pay for. The overwhelming majority of my long term patients have every tooth that they had when they became my patient AND they have very few teeth cut down (or destroyed) by crowns.

What is it worth to have your own teeth for your entire life?


It is an honor and a privilege to take care of you regardless of whether you travel hours to get here or you live down the street.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Failure Equals Success

In his autobiography "No Dream is too High,", Buzz Aldrin, the first man on the moon,  said:

If you want to do something significant, something noble, something that perhaps has never been done before, you must be willing to fail. And don’t be surprised or devastated when you do. It is not the end of the world, and untold numbers of people have experienced major failures and have come back from them, not only as more successful, but also as better, stronger people.

I absolutely and totally agree.

In the 'old days' failure was the result of slightly over reaching beyond what someone could already do. Much of the time, the attempt at something new was because you could extrapolate the information, knowledge and skill that you had and go beyond where you have already been.

Today from what I see, failure is the result of lack of knowledge, lack of concern and lack of caring especially when it comes to treating dental patients. A dentist takes a preliminary, weekend  course in a particular area of dentistry and immediately goes back to work on Monday and puts his/her 'knowledge' into treatment options as if they had studied for years.

The result???

Failure!!! Is this a surprise? Does the dentist even care? Isn't this how you are supposed to get experience and training?

NO! NO! and NO!!!!!

Buzz Aldrin was not referring to failing because you had never really prepared to succeed. He was talking about  parleying your knowledge and experience along with extensive training and practice to push known boundaries.

What is happening in dentistry today is nothing short of human experimentation, which, in case you don't know, has very strict standards.
The word that comes to mind for dentists that provide 'care' to patients without extensive knowledge and training is: