Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"I Envy You"

A long-time patient was seen today on an emergency basis for a toothache.  I referred him to Dr. Banchs for a root canal. My patient recently retired because of health reasons. On the way out he we were talking and he said, "I envy you because you love your job and most people don't."

I am, indeed most fortunate to have a job that I love. Growing up, my family existed pay check to pay check and complaining was useless because there were no options.Consequently, I learned to like things that most people hated because we didn't have the luxury to do something else.

I love fixing teeth

Monday, February 6, 2017

115 Years

I had THREE patients in the office today at the same time and each of them became our patient in 1978-1979.

Each of them was in their late 70s or 80s.

Each of them had every  tooth that they started with me 37 or 38 years ago.

And each of them has only a few crowns on their teeth.

I am very proud of my accomplishments in helping my patients keep their teeth for an entire lifetime.

I don't believe that the majority of dentists can make the same statements.

How is This Possible? (Not Political)

beattyville kentucky
It is hard to believe that people who are down on their luck really believe that the President...Any President of either party...will bring back jobs...
Fracking killed coal...not government regulations. Fly over Texas where oil was king and you see wind mills and solar panels...Really????
Robots took manufacturing jobs not government regulation. Look at the new auto plants and you won't see many human beings doing the work.
We live in a different America today. I bet if you go to Kentucky, you won't see many people on Smart Phones.

High Honor

The Dental XP Forum is an international dental group comprised of some of the finest and most cutting edge clinicians in the world. I am honored to be part of this group and have posted many, many of my cases to this forum. My work has recognized around the world.

Today, I went to the Dental XP site and saw this:


Treating Severe Attrition - Help Gerald!!!!

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Posted on  By R. Terry Councill (Follow) In Occlusion
80 year old healthy male desires cosmetic dentistry.
It has been suggested that the interpupillary distance does not change. With that in mind, the measurement was taken. A ruler was then calibrated and transferred to the elder picture. DSD was done with this calibration. Will treat by redefining the incisor length, CR, and VD ala "Gerald Benjamin". Restore with anterior crown lengthening, posterio Zirconia and Empress layered Zirconia anteriorly. Post-op Tanner Applaince. Thoughts? 
Pre-op, DSD Workup

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I am truly honored when other dentists either follow my clinical techniques, many of which I invented, or ask my  opinion on how to treat their cases.
For most of my career, I was  a little ole country dentist and marching to my own beat. Now your dentist has the recognition of dentists throughout the world.
It has never been about the money..always about  the respect and trust of my patients, the recognition of my colleagues and my profession.
(Aside: I won't tell them that the Dean as SUNY/Buffalo told me that I didn't have the skill set to be a dentist. Or that a dental school in NJ rejected me but also told me that I REALLY needed to consider another career.)