Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nice Compliment

I post many of my cases on one of the premier  international dental forums: DentalXP

This forum has many world class dentists especially in the field of implant dentistry. As you know, I do not surgically place implants but I do the restoration of the implants. That means that I place the actual teeth onto the implant roots. That said, I feel that I need to know many of the preceding surgical steps that go before I place the crowns, bridges or dentures.

The hardest part of implant dentistry is making the gum tissue around the implants, healthy and in the right place so that the implant crowns look like teeth.

In the case that I posted yesterday, a new patient came to my office after the implant had been placed; she was very unhappy with her treatment. One reason was that she had the 'infamous' black triangle between her teeth. I asked the advice of many on the forum so that I could determine how to close the black space. Most of the suggestions involved orthodontic treatment but I thought that I had a better way to close the space.
I decided to place restorations with ideal shapes that would encourage nature to do what I wanted and my treatment was successful.
Note that the black triangle is filled in with pink, pointed gum tissue. Believe it or not, closing that space is one of the most challenging things to do in all of dentistry.
So what did some of my colleagues say?

Gerald, congratulations on your treatment management and results. It really takes a lot of details to manage this great combined perio-ortho-pros to achieve such a great result. I agree with Maurice on the CTG for the future of the soft tissue margin, specially thinking on the long run. As Jorge says, most of times the simplest option results the most favorable....and some times difficult to achieve. Beautiful case and result!
Thanks for sharing such a nice case.
Best regards,

Do you think that the fact that I have almost 6500 HOURS of post dental school education has anything to do with my clinical success? 

Please find THE BEST health professionals to take care of you. Your happiness and your life depend on it.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


I am able to see how many of my blogs are read. I don't know WHO is reading this but I know how many people have read it. My average blog is read by about 16 folks.

Would you like to know which blog was read the most? And would you be interested to know which blog was read 3 times more than all the other blogs?

The blog imploring you to VOTE!

In a way, I am thrilled that more people read that post than any other...

We need to be good citizens.

Something Is Bothering Me (NOT POLITICAL)

I do not care how you voted and it should not matter to you how I voted. That said, I expect our politicians  to be honest with us when they want our vote.
This is what our President-elect said that he would do upon winning the election:

1. End ObamaCare
2. Have a Special Prosector to investigate his opponent and hopefully lock her up
3. Build a wall between America and Mexico
4. Reverse the Executive Order on opening up Cuba
5. Deport illegal aliens immediately

Word has it that he will not keep one promise...NOT ONE.

I don't care how you voted but do you think it is right for a politician to lie to us in order to be elected.

What happened to integrity...

I told you that this blog would not be about politics.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Standards of Excellence

A few days ago President Obama gave the Freedom Medal, the nation's highest civilian award to an incredible group of Americans. Each of them represented the best, most talented and most respected individuals in their respective fields. If you haven't seen the entire presentation which lasts about an hour, I suggest that you go to YOUTUBE to view it.

When the President presented the medal to Michael Jordon, he commented that it is often heard of a surgeon being referred to as "the Michael Jordon of Surgery."


Because Michael Jordon represents the absolute best at what he did...

Michael Jordon is THE STANDARD by which  all basketball players will be measured.

Who cares? And why is this important?

It is important because almost everything we see in America today involves lowering our standards or expectations so that we are not disappointed.

(Aside: Do you REALLY think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton represented the BEST that America has or did we settle?)

To me, STANDARDS matter.

Don't you think that I would just love to be called "the Michael Jordon of Dentistry?" It is not going to happen but I hope, dream and strive for that every single day that I treat a patient.

My new favorite saying is:

"If we lower our expectations sufficiently, everything becomes acceptable." *

Don't lower your standards. Seek Excellence. Yes it will cost more...but you are worth it.

* When I googled my favorite saying, I found reference to ME as the person that said it.

Distance is NOT an Issue

The day before a holiday tends to be a very easy day because many folks are traveling or too busy planning for festivities the following day...After being in practice for 40 years, I understand this and never get upset or concerned that our schedule is not full.

Yesterday, my patient from Connecticut cancelled her appointment and for good reason. Instead of taking her 4 1/2 hours to get home it could have taken her 8.. Wise move.

When I checked my schedule though, the Connecticut patients time was filled with my patient from Boston who was killing two birds with one stone by having dentistry and visiting her family for Thanksgiving.

My last patient of the day flew in yesterday morning from Phoenix so that I could repair his front teeth which he chipped while lifting weights...Yes he will also stay with his family for Thanksgiving.
The day before, he called our office to make sure that we would not be closing early on Wednesday (yesterday) because he was specifically coming home to have his teeth fixed.

I am so honored that patients will make the greatest effort to remain our patient even when they leave the area.

Whether you live next door, in the Capital District or out of State...I sincerely appreciate having you as my patient.


We wish you you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

Every patient that I treat is thanked for being our patient.

At the end of the day, I thank each of my staff members for their hard days work.

I am so grateful for having the knowledge, skill, talent and ethics to take care of you the best way that I can.

Susan and I are thankful for our health, our family and our friends.

Everything I have is because of you, my patient....And I thank you.


Now what does 3=100 mean?

My first three patients yesterday have been my patients for a total of 100 YEARS.

Is this surprising?

Not to me.

Many of my patients have been with me for 25,30 and 35 years and I believe that I have more long time patients than any dentist in the Capital District.

On Monday, I went out to the waiting room to chat with my first  patient who has been with me since 1980. When he told his son that he was driving (from Berlin, NY) up to Saratoga to go to the dentist, his son ask, "Now why would you drive that far to go to the dentist?" My patient responded to his son, " Because everything he has ever told me has been true."

Trust in those who take care of us is suspect these days. It is hard to know whether the doctor is looking out for their own best interest or the patient's best interest...

What we are seeing today is a decline in civility, in ethics, in integrity and doing the right thing.

Everything in our office is about YOU, our patient. I will never hurt you for money. I will never take your money and not give you value.

Now do you understand how 3 can equal 100?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

There Are Some Things That Need No Comment Or Explanation

This just appeared on the CNN website:

CNN)The mayor of Clay, West Virginia, has resigned and another county official is out following their exchange over a racist Facebook post that compared first lady Michelle Obama to an "ape in heels." 
The county employee, Pamela Taylor, worked as director of the Clay County Development Corporation and wrote on Facebook: "It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I'm tired of seeing an ape in heels," according to a screengrab obtained by CNN affiliate WSAZ.
Mayor Beverly Whaling commented on the post saying: "Just made my day Pam," the screengrab shows.
    Clay County Commissioner Greg Fitzwater confirmed to CNN that Whaling resigned, but did not know if Taylor was terminated or resigned her post. But he said that she was no longer working for the county.
    CNN has attempted to reach both Whaling and Taylor for comment and have not heard back. (End of CNN post)

    Whatever happened to our decency?

    Sunday, November 6, 2016


    In life, adults rarely get the opportunity to make the perfect choice and we frequently grumble that  we are not going to get what we want.

    Get over it!!!!

    Nothing in life is perfect...Never was and never will be.

    The right to vote is precious and we should remember this. People died so that we can vote.

    If you don't like your choices...you can sulk and in three years demand better choices.

    Hold your nose if you must...

    BUT VOTE!!!

    And Who Made That Decision (Not Political)

    I often wonder, " Now how did a supervisor approve that choice?"

    Today Susan and I went food shopping at Hannaford's and one of the items on our list was Death Wish Coffee in the K Cups. This is not our usual coffee but we indulge periodically.

    We went down the Coffee aisle looking for bags of Death Wish but no Death Wish...Oh well, we can get some during the week.

    At the check out counter the cashier asks the usual, "Did you find everything?" I always think, "Why do they ask when they really don't care?" One of the store managers was helping pack groceries and she immediately responded with, "I think Death Wish Coffee is in the Cereal aisle."

    Susan and I said at the same time, "That is exactly where I would put it" in a half serious tone. No one got the humor in our statement.

    Now really...Who approved placing Death Wish Coffee in the Cereal aisle, one aisle over from the coffee aisle? I want to talk with that person to learn the logic in that decision.

    A while back Senator Schumer agreed to extend the Hedge Fund Mangers Federal Tax Exemption for BILLIONAIRES which allowed a manager who earned $4.2 BILLION in one year to pay NO FEDERAL TAX, NO MEDICARE TAX AND NO SOCIAL SECURITY TAX...He did pay %15 Capital Gains taxes, however.

    My question to Schumer is, "What were you thinking when you agreed to let a BILLIONAIRE pay no Federal Taxes? Who are you working for? The People or special interests.

    Senator Schumer: "How did you make that decision?  Would YOU  be the one who made the decision to put Death Wish Coffee in the Cereal aisle?

    In our office, major decisions are made with everyone's input and sometimes I am over ruled. I am not always right and I may not be seeing all sides of an issue which is essential for good decision making.

    Tuesday, November 1, 2016

    "Capital Living Magazine's List of the 'BEST DENTISTS.'

    I am always  happy to be selected by other dentists in Saratoga Springs to be on Capital Living Magazine's list of 'Best Dentists.'

    Unfortunately, the list is meaningless...Better to be on it   but................

    So what is the problem?

    This same magazine lists the 'Best Doctors' in the Hudson Valley for each specialty in medicine.. The magazine supposedly surveys many doctors and asks who they feel the best physicians are in each specialty within an 80 mile or so radius.. The Best Dentist List asks dentists in EACH SMALL TOWN who the best dentist is in that small area.

    I was not selected as the Best Dentist in the Capital District. I was not selected as the Best Dentist in the Hudson Valley....Only one of the best dentists in Saratoga Springs....

    Big Deal!!!!!

    I saw several dentists on the list and I was not impressed.  In fact, I would rather not be on a list that included mediocre dentists.

    Oh well...I made it on the list..."Ho Hum."

    "I Just Saw One of Your Patients."

    Six dentists from the Capital District attended an implant course in Boston recently and when chatting with one of the young dentists, he told me that he recently saw one of my patients.

    In MY MIND, someone who comes to my office, has a tooth fixed and then leaves is NOT one of my patients. These individuals usually are shoppers who believe that all dentists are the same and if you can find 'a good one,' for a cheap price, then that is where you  go.

    So what did the young dentist say to me?

    " I saw one of your patients recently and you did a resin bonded filling on an upper first molar  and it was  the best and most beautiful filling that I have ever seen."

    I am always honored when another dentist sees my work and calls or emails me to congratulate me on the fine work.

    This should make, YOU, my patient, very proud.

    Learning Never Stops

    I attended a two day implant educational program in Boston this past weekend.
    30 dentists from around the country attended the program and the vast majority had never seen any of the treatment presented. The course entitled TeethXpress involves the removals of all remaining teeth (Most of the teeth are not savable even if money is no object.), placement of 6 implants in the top of the mouth and 6 implants in the bottom jaw and finally the placement of screwed down dentures so that the patient has teeth and will never be without teeth.

    This level of dentistry did not exist five or six years ago and is really a miracle.

    The other miracle is that Dr. Bulford, my surgeon and I are already involved in treating 6 of my patients. I have completed many cases like this but they have not been treated in one day.

    If you know of anyone suffering to wear dentures and they are at their wits end, they should know that help is available. Yes this level of treatment IS expensive but when money solves a problem, it is worth spending the money.

    You can go online and enter: "TeethXpress.com is you or your family wants to learn more about this amazing treatment option.

    Why do I study so much??? To take care of YOU. Taking care of you is my life's work.