Sunday, August 27, 2017

Texas Floods

Most of us are emotionally impacted by watching the severe flooding in Texas and many of us feel that Texas is a 'victim of Mother Nature."

Now mind you, Texas has had other significant storms and incidents of flooding so this is not the first experience with this kind of event.

I am sure many readers are wondering why I am blogging about this.

Texas is one of seven American States that does not have a State Income Tax. How could they be prepared for tragedies when they cannot PLAN because they don't have the money?

Galveston is BELOW sea level; Houston is just at sea level and no significant plans to avoid catastrophes have been made unlike in the Netherlands which spent $30 Billion in the 1950s to prevent any chance of new floods.

What  does Texas do????

They ask you and I  (i.e. the Federal Government) to help pay for rescue and cleanup. Do I think that FEMA should provide expertise, materials, people and heavy equipment? Absolutely!!!!!!!


Why don't we ask them to institute an immediate State Income Tax of 5% (For reference NY State Tax is 6.65% for above average wage earners and wealthy individuals pay 8.82%.)

Don't you wonder why things happen when you feel that something could have been done to ameliorate  the crisis? Or is it just me?

I don't think that it is the role of you and I to pay for what the citizens of Texas should pay for.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Don't You Feel Proud!

I am fairly well known among dentists that practice high level restorative dentistry i.e. fixing teeth and restoring implants. My work has  appeared on many quality internet dental forums to significantly positive comments.

This evening, I was reading some emails that I received from one of my dental forums and saw these words:

"Gerald Benjamin taught me to create a bevel at the cavo-surface margins and this REALLY helps blend in composite resins. Many times my hygienists can’t tell that the patient has a restoration!
Thanks Gerald!

I am truly honored by Ray Voller's comments.

I hope that you feel that you have selected the right dental office and right dentist to take care of you.

I am sincerely honored to take care of you.