Monday, October 16, 2017

"The Facts, Just the Facts, Ma'am" (NOT POLITICAL)

The facts, just the facts ma'am comes from a 1960s police show on TV called Dragnet.

In the year 2017 virtually everyone should know the facts when they present them on a social forum for discussion.

One of my high school classmates and a college graduate made the following statement on a Facebook post:

Maybe the Democrats should have gone after them, after all, David Duke is a staunch Democrat and friend of Hillary.

Now I don't care how or who you voted for but if you paid any attention to the 2016 election or the confrontation in "Charlottesville" in which white supremacists and Nazis marched ,you know that David Duke, the former KKK (Klu Klux Klan) Grand Dragon was well known to be a supporter of the President.

To keep things apolitical, and not quote either CNN or Fox News, here is a headline from a British Newspaper, the Independence.

Former KKK leader David Duke: 'We won it for Donald Trump.'
So how can someone post 'information' on an international forum that is a total lie and sooooo easy to factcheck? How is this possible? 
The big question is, "Do the facts....the REAL  facts matter?" Or does everyone have a right to think and believe anything even if it is a verifiable lie. Can we survive as a nation and a people?
Each of us has to answer this for themselves. This is NOT political. When we get right down to it, we have to ask ourselves whether America can survive or after 250 years, we break apart.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

What Should “Top Dentists” Have In Common?

Being selected as a Top Dentist in the Capital District by one’s peers which appeared in the current issue of CAPITAL MAGAZINE is certainly an honor. What should be the criteria for being considered a “Top Dentist?”

The best clinical dentists in the United States have many things in common:
1. Thousands of hours of Continuing Education
2. They are credentialed by a University or highly regarded, reputable dental organization
3. They publish cases in in print or online
4. They take many photographs of their work and present their work to other dentists and patients
5. They lecture locally, at Universities or at Institutes
6. They are held in high regard by their peers
7. Patients travel  great distances to have a highly regarded dentist treat them
8. Are recognized as a mentor for other dentists

So how do the dentists on the Top Dentist list that appeared in Capital District Magazine measure up to the criteria that I mention?

Not so much.

For me, this is problematic because the public may be fooled into thinking that standards exist to be selected to be on “the list.”

Even if Capital District Magazine does not use MY standards or criteria to be included on their list, patients can use my list to help select a new dentist to take care of them.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I Complained and They Listened

For the last two years, Capital Living Magazine had their "Top Dentist" issue and surveys were sent out to all of the dentists in the area requesting that they decide who are their top colleagues. (You can't vote for yourself.) My complaint to the Magazine was that each dentist was selected by other dentists in their small town rather than as the Top Dentist for the entire Capital District.  When Capital Living publishes the top physicians, a doctor is not listed by their small town but they are the BEST in the region.

The Magazine must have listened because the new survey results came out today and the listing was for  the Top Dentists in the Capital Distract rather than the Top Dentist in Saratoga or Cropseyville, NY, my previous location.

Did I make the list?

Of course but instead of being one of the Top Dentists in Saratoga Springs, I am one of the Top Dentists in all of the Capital District.

Is this important?


I went to many of the other general dentist's websites and virtually none of them posted photos of their work?

In the big leagues, if a dentist doesn't photograph their work, they are not considered in the big leagues. If a dentist hasn't done a lot of cases, they don't have any to show you. If the dentist says that  "they don't have time to take pictures of their work, then they are not doing quality exception.

Would I go to many of the dentists on the Top Dentist General Dentistry group?

Can I take the 5th?